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Man of few words and a bunch of emotions, he would be your best man by the end of your beautiful day. Being a master of music, weaving stories is something he does all day long. 

Slowing down the first look of the bride to tears of her mother, you will run short of emotions as you experience it all over again and again and yet again.

How does he make it happen on screen? 

For he’s a jolly good fellow!

Kaushik Desai

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Easy, thats something comes alongside with this bridesmaid for all brides.
She is more than a best friend to the bride and little less than a daughter to her mother.
Not because she is doing a role play, but thats what makes her work come out alive with a personal touch to each of those images.
She is the go to person for all classic portraits to all the drama around Indian weddings captured over in the stillness of time, all in an effort to move every bit of you. Be good to her, else she is a beautiful drama herself.

Shivani Sharma


The first one
To walk your aisle for you
To watch it from space on your wedding morning
To go to person, telling you how it would feel in the middle of the beautiful chaos
He always has a story to tell and two to hear from the ones who speak it out loud, to the ones who find it difficult to express.
Heard of collective consciousness needed at an event, that’s him from our team for you.
After all, Love is all about a long silence, deep teary eyes with wide smiles running parallel.

Nandkishore Kapoor